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 our online gallery at Fine Art, browse through our aerial art, and purchase prints on many different materials (poster, canvas, metal, acrylic). These unique aerial photographs and panoramas make great home and office decorations and gifts at reasonable prices.

Buyer's regret protection: We offer 30 day money back return policy - if you're for any reason not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return 

it for a full refund. 



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registered & INSURED 

PhotoFlight Aerial Media LLC is FAA registered and approved commercial UAS operator/Section 333 exemption holder. We maintain $1M UAV operator liability insurance policy, COI provided to every client for verification. Client is responsible for covering the insurance for their own or rental equipment (e.i. camera equipment that is not a property of PhotoFlight Aerial Media LLC ). We may not be held liable for damage to the equipment not owned by PhotoFlight Aerial Media LLC. NOTADRONE.COM is owned and operated by PhotoFlight Aerial Media LLC, registered with CT Secretary of State

the nature of the weather and the planning of shoots, we are very flexible when working with clients. Many of our jobs are booked very last minute. However we must have enough time to do pre-flight checks and ensure that the job can be undertaken safely. 
We do require our clients to commit when booking our services and time. Unless the special circumstances or time doesn’t permit, we require 35% of the booking to be PAID IN ADVANCE. 
Remote controlled aerial filming is naturally affected by the flying conditions. If we are not able to shoot due to weather (i.e rain, strong winds etc), we shall not charge the client if we can make arrangements for the shoot to happen at another time. The 35% booking fee is simply transferred to another day when we can shoot. If the shoot cannot be re-scheduled (which we usually know in advance when quoting the job), we will discuss cancellation policy and potential fees with the Client and come to a fair and reasonable compromise. 

If a job is cancelled due to other issues and simply not re-scheduled due to the client no longer requiring our services, the 35% deposit will not be refunded unless by a pre-agreement. If additional costs have been incurred (travel, accommodations), they will also have to be covered by the client.

Availability & Booking

with many variable factors. Therefore, we prefer to quote on an individual project basis, after having discussed or been fully briefed on the proposed project. There are a number of variables which may affect the quotation including the time of year, location of shoot, potential weather and other external shooting conditions, or associated risk of taking the job on. We are happy to provide quotes in writing once we have received a full brief from the Client and been able to discuss the requirements and expectations of the shoot, and think you will find us fair, reasonable, and transparent. 

our rates

LARGE/DSLR DRONES Our Standard Lift drones offer a Panasonic GH4 DSLR cameras stabilized by the state-of-the-art three axis brushless gimbals,  which provide crisp high resolution still pictures. For safety ,these units are operated by a team of two people: the drone pilot and the camera operator, so each of them can fully focus on their roles. Our clients are provided with SD or HD live downlink. 

SMALL/COMPACT DRONES Our compact category drones offer great quality 12MP photos, ideal for most projects and places where use of the larger frame drones may be unsafe, less practical, or simply outside of the intended budget. Our compact drones are controlled by single person who acts as a pilot and a camera operator. Per request, our clients are provided with a live HD downlink. 

PANORAMIC DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY Our specialty is lagre format panoramic aerial photography. Panoramic images offer elongated field of view, which allows us to cover areas otherwise impossible capture in a single shot. Our panoramas are a perfect solution if you're looking for a great wall art (even a mural), website header, billboard, or truck wrap. They are carefully assembled from 12-150 photographs to create true pieces of art, unrivaled by any of our competitors. We also offer HDR panoramas for high contrast situations, and long exposure twilight and night panoramas. Browse through our gallery on this page to see our panoramas and discover different print options.

360 DEGREE IMMERSIVE PHOTOGRAPHY Sometimes a photograph doesn't quite tell the story. Our 360 degree immersive photographs work great on desktop, mobile, and VR headsets. They offer your customers fully immersive experience - freedom to look around in your photographs, quite an innovative way to share your experience or get your point across.

Depending on desired format, quality, and the budget, we offer two levels of drone aerial photography services:

EXPERIENCE - Unlike many other drone operators and businesses, our team combines years of experience in drone building and operations,

aerial photography, and post-production - all that to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

we became the trusted voice in the UAV industry as the editors and contributors of the first drone magazine in the US market -

The Multi-Rotor Pilot, and hosts of the nation’s first and most listened-to Drone Vibes Podcast. 

REPUTATION - from national media and marketing organizations to smaller local companies and everyone in between, our clients appreciate our professional approach, full redundancy in our equipment, and the countless hours we spend evolving our skills and our equipment.​

RESULTS - our ever growing list of happy clients is a testament to our ability to listen to our client’s creative ideas and and make them come to life. We find it truly rewarding to see our client’s imagination expanded by the possibilities we offer.

FAA APPROVED AND INSURED - unlike many "professional" drone operators, we are FAA approved commercial operator/section 333 exemption holder. Just like in any other profession or industry, hiring a licensed and insured professional protects you as a customer from possible legal consequences and liabilities resulting from contracting unlicensed operators. 

What sets us apart from our competition?

AERIAL DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY is very useful and powerful tool with great promise and applications in many industries.

Allow our team to help you enhance your digital presence in a very impactful way, gain new customers, audiences, or simply make your job easier.

We offer professional, no-hassle approach, and work with every client until we find the right solution for their specific project.

WE SPECIALIZE in panoramic, HDR, long exposure twilight/night, and 360 degree fully immersive aerial photography.

High Resolution Aerial Images - DONE RIGHT!

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