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NOTADRONE.COM is owned and operated by PhotoFlight Aerial Media LLC, registered with CT Secretary of State. We maintain a UAV operator liability insurance policy, COI provided to every client for verification. Client is responsible for covering the insurance for their own or rental equipment (e.i. camera equipment that is not a property of PhotoFlight Aerial LLC ). We may not be held liable for damage to the equipment not owned by PhotoFlight Aerial Media LLC.


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​​EACH JOB IS UNIQUEwith many variable factors. Therefore, we prefer to quote on an individual project basis, after having discussed or been fully briefed on the proposed project. There are a number of variables which may affect the quotation including the time of year, location of shoot, potential weather and other external shooting conditions, or associated risk of taking the job on.

We are happy to provide quotes in writing once we have received a full brief from the Client and been able to discuss the requirements and expectations of the shoot, and think you will find us fair, reasonable, and transparent. 

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360 Degree Immersive Videography for Oculus Rift and other VR Headsets
We partnered with the Primacy-digital media agency ( to offer specialty 360Degree immersive aerial videos to be used with Oculus Rift or similar VR Headsets. This technology puts an entirely new spin on aerial tours of anything from structures and landmarks, to campus tours. Please, contact us for more info on specialty drone applications

Standard DSLR UAVs
Our Standard Lift drones offer a Panasonic GH4 DSLR cameras stabilized by the state-of-the-art three axis brushless gimbals. This camera provides crisp video in up to 4K ULTRA-HD resolution. These units are operated by a team of two people: the drone pilot and the camera operator, with optional spotter/support for complex projects. Two operator setup makes it easy to accomplish complex shots without compromising safety of the operation, as the pilot and the camera operator can fully focus on their roles. Clients are provided with real time SD or optional HD video downlink monitor. Our Standard  DSLR drone services are available on full-day or half-day basis.

Heavy Lift Cinematic UAVs
Our Heavy Lift drones offer the best quality attainable in drone aerial videography. We custom design and build our heavy lift drone units to carry a DJI Ronin or Movi M10/M15 three-axis stabilized gimbals with a cinematic cameras such as C300, Red Epic, Nikon D810, or Canon 5D MKIII. These large gimbals offer the flexibility to go from aerial to handheld gimbal operation and back in a matter of seconds. These units are operated by a team of two people: the drone pilot and the camera operator, with optional spotter/support for complex projects. Clients are provided with real time SD or optional HD video downlink monitor. Our Heavy Lift cinematic drone services are available on full-day basis.

Action Cam/Compact UAVs
Our action cam/compact category drones offer three-axis stabilization, and are ideal for smaller productions/projects and places where use of the larger frame drones may be unsafe, less practical, or simply outside of the intended budget. Our action cam drones are controlled by single person who acts as a pilot and a camera operator. Clients are provided with real time SD video downlink monitor. Our Action Cam/Compact drone services are available on full day, half day, or hourly basis.

Depending on desired format, quality, and the budget, there are FOUR options/levels to choose from:

EXPERIENCE - Unlike many other drone operators and businesses, our team combines years of experience in remote controlled aircraft building and operations, aerial photography, and camera work to deliver a hassle-free solution to your aerial photography needs.

we became the trusted voice in the UAV industry as the editors and contributors of the first drone magazine in the US market -

The Multi-Rotor Pilot, and hosts of the nation’s first and most listened-to Multi-Rotor Podcast. Our close connections to both the UAS and photography industries help us deliver the latest and best solutions available on the market.

REPUTATION - from national media and marketing organizations to smaller local companies and everyone in between, our clients appreciate our professional approach, full redundancy in our equipment, and the countless hours we spend evolving our skills and our equipment.​

RESULTS - our ever growing list of happy clients is a testament to our ability to listen to our client’s creative ideas and and make them come to life. We find it truly rewarding to see our client’s imagination expanded by the possibilities we offer.

What sets us apart from our competition?

THE UAS/DRONES OFFER not only great aerial views, it offers angles and shots very often impossible (or prohibitively expensive) to get before. Whether you're an independent film maker, or a large production company in need of aerial drone footage for your project, our Team has the skills and expertise to help you blow your audience away and keep your clients coming back for more. We will either search for suitable footage in our extensive archive, source it from the world-wide network of our partners,

or scout for a suitable location and acquire the aerial footage to your specifications.

This is a great and easy way to get aerial footage for your project without having to be directly involved in filming it.

of Clients using our “aerial footage on-demand” service:

  • Discovery Investigations - aerial footage of Cape Cod features and landmarks for their Born to Kill documentary series.
  • TBS - aerial footage of Vermont mountains, woods, and granite cliffs for a nature documentary series.