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CAT RM500B Reclaimer Stabilizer

A quick promo video showcasing an impressive piece of construction machinery, a CAT reclaimer/stabilizer. Filmed with our DJI Inspire 1 drone in two operator configuration with POV and ground shots from GoPro cameras.

Boats Inc: 27th Annual One Tide Challenge from NotAdrone on Vimeo.

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durabrite PROmo- high intensity led 

A short promo video created for DuraBrite, a US manufacturer of high intensity LED lights with uses in marine, architectural, and construction applications. This video was captured using our DJI Inspire 1 drone in two operator configuration.

Insane Asylum from NotAdrone on Vimeo.


Thacher Island is a small island off Cape Ann on the Massachusetts coast in the United States. It is a part of the Town of Rockport. The island, named after Anthony Thacher, is located in perilous waters, where there have been many shipwrecks. On April 22, 1771, the provincial government authorized construction of two lighthouses on the island. The lights went on December 21, 1771.
This video was my third attempt to film the location, which has proven quite tricky due to constant wind a weather changes. I finally got lucky on this beautiful sunrise, with the winds calm enough to fly, yet huge ocean swells from a storm far off shore.

one tide challenge

One Tide challenge is an annual fishing competition event organized by Boats, Inc. in Niantic, Connecticut. This fun family event starts by all the boats leaving the dock at once, creating a unique sight of a long line of fishing boats cruising through the harbor bay and under the bridges. this video was filmed with our DJI Inspire 1 drone in two operator configuration.

the city

Enjoy an amazing aerial tour around the Big Apple - the way New York City was meant to be seen.
This video was filmed using our DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter  in two operator configuration (pilot and camera operator). It was flow from aboard of a yacht cruising through Hudson and East rivers, and New York Harbor. The entire video is shot over the water. The weather was on our side and we were blessed with a mesmerizing sunset that turned this into quite a memorable experience.


Originally established as Norwich State Hospital for the Insane, located in Preston and Norwich, Connecticut. It opened its doors in October 1904, and though the number of patients and employees were drastically reduced, it remained operational until October 10, 1996. Norwich State Hospital was a mental health facility initially created for the mentally ill and those found guilty of crimes by insanity. The hospital, which sits on the banks of the Thames River, began with a single building on 100 acres (40 ha) of land and expanded to, at its peak, over thirty buildings and 900 acres. The video captures last few buildings still standing at the site.

CAT RM500B Reclaimer Stabilizer from NotAdrone on Vimeo.

Sherwood Lumber 2nd render from NotAdrone on Vimeo.

prime distribution services

A short Promo feature created for Sherwood Lumber, a wood product wholesaler located in Palmer, Massachusetts. Captured with our DJI Inspire 1 drone in single operator configuration combined with time lapse shots from Panasonic GH4 SLR.

Abandoned Ship Graveyard in NYC

Haunting drone video of an Abandoned Ship Graveyard in New York City. Squeezed between Staten Island and New Jersey is Arthur Kill waterway and the Witte Marine Equipment Company. Over the last century, Witte Marine has slowly dismantled hundreds of ships that once crowded the bustling piers of New York's coastline. Even with a steady stream of salvage work and deconstruction, many old tugboats and smaller harbor ships have accumulated on the shores of Arthur Kill and now rot in shallow water.

Cranberry harvest

Panasonic GH4 SLR in action: Enjoy a Cranberry Harvest from never before seen angles.
The Cranberries grow in cranberry bogs, which are flooded in time for harvest. A special combine is used to loosen the cranberries up from the vines, and the floating cranberries are then vacuumed from the surface into a container truck.
Shot with Panasonic GH4 camera in 3-axis Zenmuse Z-15 Gimbal on DJI s-900

Cranberry Harvest by NotAdrone-4K-H.264-25FPS from NotAdrone on Vimeo.


Enjoy a mesmerizing display of destruction and "legal road rage" in School Bus Demolition Derby at Erie County Fair. Watch as these sturdy large metal boxes on wheels tear into each other on their last ride before the scrap yard. The strategy employed by these brave drivers is to back into the front of the rival bus in order to disable it while sustaining only "cosmetic damage" to their own vehicle, over and over again until the last one running wins. Special thanks toJM Productions for their help in making this video happen.

video reel: Explore the possibilities

This video is a collection of some of our favorite aerial shots taken with DJI S-900 Hexacopter with Panasonic GH4 (in 3-axis Zenmuse Z-15 gimbal) and DJI F550 Hexacopter with Gopro Hero3 and Hero4 (3-axis Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal).
The video clips were taken throughout 2014 in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York. Video features stunning aerial views of New England Landscapes, combined with some great motorsport action shots, in many cases impossible to take using any other technology.

SPI PRO-SEries truck pulls

A cool combination of American competitiveness, passion for large trucks and favorable fuel prices, the SPI professional Pulling series ere great entertainment for those who believe that style is nothing without substance. The tucks drag a metal sled along 320ft long course. The sled contains a weight box, which is mechanically winched forward as the truck progresses, causing the truck to eventually loose torque and forward momentum. The driver who pulls the sled the farthest distance is declared a winner.

Figure 8 demolition derby race

Not so usual Motorsport in a video packed with slick maneuvers, rubbing metal and spectacular crashes, as the drivers in the race turn their cars into heaps of scrap metal, one lap at the time. The winner is the driver who first completes ten laps, which is quite a tall order in a race where hitting others is not off-limits and every lap offers two great opportunities to get t-boned. Big thanks to JM Productions and the Goshen Stampede for letting me make this happen.

british by the sea 2014

British by the Sea is an annual British marque car gathering at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT. This 27th annual gathering has seen over 400 amazing British cars, from classic to modern, small roadsters to large off-roads, daily drivers to treasured show cars. It was a memorable afternoon with folks having a great time sharing their passion for some serious British machinery.

sky hero feature

In preparation for the second issue of the Multi-Rotor Pilot Magazine, we had an opportunity to take a few Sky Hero Copters for a spin and see if they fly as well as they look.
Filming one multi-rotor with another at 300-400 feet was fairly difficult; anyone who uses a GoPro can imagine how close to each other we had to stay. To get this footage, we devised a method we jokingly dubbed SPV - Second Person View. While the spotters (one for each pilot) kept an eye on our machines, both pilots were looking at the same screen (one video feed) to "line-up" the copters in the shot.

This is snowmobiling!

Snowmobiling fun at Island Pond Vermont. This video combines great winter action aerial footage with some cool high-speed surface shots. The video is done with DJI F550 hexacopter and GoPro Hero3+, final editing done in Final Cut Pro X. Big thanks to my friends for this fun weekend..

Frozen Harbor

On our way home from shooting the Over the Cliff video, we noticed these icebergs scattered along the Wellfleet Harbor  in Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Wellfleet Oysters anyone?). With one battery and about 15 minutes of sunlight left, I could not pass the opportunity to get this footage. This ocean harbor is on the bayside, protected from waves, and it's shallow edges froze over during a cold-snap (infamous "Polar Vortex"). The ice was torn by the tides, creating this beautiful iceberg mosaic in the water and on land.

multi-rotor pilot magazine promo

A one-minute explanation of what multi-rotor aerial videography is all about. Here is what happens when you ask a multi-rotor guy to create aMulti-Rotor Pilot Magazinepromo video. A series of cool shots (all of them have some personal meaning to me), assembled carefully against great orchestral-dubstep music  by my friend Leonid Volkov, to create an impactful invitation to the world of multi-rotors.

over the cliff

This video features majestic aerial views of a home claimed by ocean erosion at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This beautiful place is not much more but a giant sand dune pushed off the Atlantic coast by a glacier, and the ocean is slowly and mercilessly reclaiming bits of it back, one wave and storm at the time. Few houses and cottages are lost to this process every year, reduced to precious memories of the people who once called them home. This video is a farewell to the place I loved. Demolition began on January 15th 2014, it took almost four decades for the edge of the cliff to reach the foundation.

video reel: New England aerial journey

A collection of my favorite shots taken in Connecticut and Massachusetts. This video features stunning aerial views of New England landmarks and attractions from a perspective only made possible by multi-rotor RC technology. The video is made with DJI F550 hexacopter and GoPro Hero3, final editing done in Final Cut Pro X. 

Essex steam train and riverboat

Steam engine meets a drone.The Valley Railroad Company in Essex CT is a home to unique Steam Train and Riverboat experience. Enjoy aerial views of the Steam train riding through the beautiful Connecticut River Valley, Goodspeed Opera house and Gillette Castle State park in East Haddam CT. New England fall colors are a great setting for this video. 

extreme demolition

Demolition of 200ft (61m) wind turbine tower at Klug Hill Farm in Torrington CT. Optiwind was an energy startup developing a mid-sized wind turbine design. This tower is a prototype built in 2009. Financial difficulties forced Optiwind to close its doors in early 2013, leaving the tower behind. With no other suitable use for the tower, decision was made to bring it down. This video wasfeatured by CNN.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod in Massachusetts is not much more but a giant sand bar pushed by a glacier out the Mass coast. It is an incredible place filled with great views, places to discover, fun things to do, and interesting people. This video is shot with my DJI F550 Hexacopter and gimbal mounted GoPro, edited in Apple's iMovie. It features beautiful views, lighthouse at sunset, some night shots, and a few seals. Filmed in Wellfleet, Provincetown (Pilgrim tower), Truro (Cape Cod Light), and Marconi point.